Canterbury Faire 2012

I haven’t been to CF for a couple of years. The camp has made some nice improvements, including more grassy areas, which was lovely to see!

Big news: My wonderful husband became a member of the Order of the Laurel at the event. My fighter became a Knight. Both happened in the same court back to back, so I got to run out of one and straight into the other. It was magic. I also got to see Countess Leonora for the first time in years in years (happy tears) as she is Chief Lady in Waiting for TRMs Caid, Sven and Cassandra. It was great seeing Sven again and lovely to meet Cassandra.

The Tent of Doom wasn’t usable this year so we bunked, which was actually really good as we had our own room for much of the event. Leonora stayed with us a couple of nights and that was also a real treat.

We dined with Heorot, the household of Mistress Eleanora and Sir Sigurd. At the camp was my Pelican/Laurel, Her Grace Mistress Contanzia and her husband, His Grace Sir Gabriel.  Also at camp was Sir Callum, THL Richard, Lady Angele, Lady Yseult, Lord Ulrich,  Her Excellency Mistress Leonor and my fighter, the fab Sir Ratbot von Borg.

I spent the lion’s share of my time at Heorot as it suits my introverted nature. I found the event to be just a bit overwhelming with the huge numbers of people and lack of quiet spaces. The Ildhafn camp was very open and right next to the main marquee, the list field, and the Mong (where coffee and shenanigans occur at all hours), so I didn’t spend as much time with Ildhafn as I would have liked. The older I get the more I both appreciate and require quiet and calm *Get off my lawn, you pesky kids*. Poor Al is the exact opposite so we tend to have challenges deciding on a good spot to pitch our tent. He’s talking about making a workshop tent though, and if that happens  perhaps we can have a table and chairs at Ildhafn or Northside (commonly known as the “Artisan’s Encampment” and still be able to rest/sleep in a quieter spot. Otherwise we may have to consider other possibilities.

We both have a lot of enthusiasm and want to do many things SCA-wise. I have a feeling there will be scheming and plotting ahead. Of course I want to Make All The Things! :-)

In other news, Monday is my kidney CT scan and the 22nd is the dreaded colonoscopy. *shudder* Hopefully they will get to the bottom of whatever it is that is making my innards hurt so much and we can get it all cut out and over with.


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